Portland Oregon Pressure Washers and Industrial Chemical Supplies since 1990!

Viking Industrial Systems Serves Portland Oregon pressure washer, power washer and steam cleaner needs, including hot water to cold water pressure washing systems which have applications in many industries including:

What Makes Viking Industrial Systems your best choice for Pressure Washers in Portland Oregon?

Viking Industrial listens to find out what each client needs from the size of the pressure washer to whether you need a used pressure washer, or hot or cold pressure washing.  We can also give you options on picking accessories for your pressure washer to help make each job go as smoothly as possible.  In addition to great service, they provide the best products available including the following brands:

  • Aaladin pressure washers manufactured in Elk Point South Dakota
  • Hydro Tek cleaning systems manufactured in Redlands California
  • Hydro Tek mobile pressure washers for the ultimate in portability
  • Karcher pressure washers selected to clean Mount Rushmore in 2005
  • Whitco pressure washers manufactured in Alcester South Dakota
  • Taginator graffiti remover manufactured in Norwood Pennsylvania
  • KO ís job matched chemicals manufactured in Springfield Missouri

Aaladin Pressure Washers

Viking Industrial has been partnered with Aaladin pressure washers since Aaladin was founded in 1981.  The very first Aaladin system was sold to Jim Bumgarner in Cambridge Idaho in 1981.  A few years ago, that exact system found its way back to Viking.  It received many years of heavy use and served it's owners well.  Mr. Bumgarner traded that system in for another Aaladin unit with a higher pressure and volume for faster cleaning.  When someone trades their old pressure washer in for the same brand after many years, you know it's a solid pressure washer!

There are many 30+ year Aaladin pressure washing systems still out there in operation today.  They are built to be durable and reliable, even with rugged use.  And the company has worked hard to improve on the machine's original designs to make them even more durable.  Find out more about Aaladin hot water pressure washers or get details on Aaladin hot water pressure washer models.

Aaladin Cold Water Pressure Washers are designed to provide thousands of hours of operational use for dairy farms, food processing plants, mining operations, and many other situations where a power washer is required for every day usage.  The Aaladin power washer offers a time delay shut down system to help minimize the possibility of by-pass heat damage and repairs.  Find out more bout Aaladin cold water power washers.

Hydro Tek Pressure Washers

If you have done any research on pressure washers, you know Hydro Tek Hot Water Pressure Washers are some of the finest American made pressure washers on the market today.  These quality pressure washers are made with tough stainless steel components, so you can rest assured that your industrial strength hot water pressure washer will last for decades!  Find out more about Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers or get details on Hydro tek hot water pressure washer models.

Hydro Tek Cold Water Pressure Washers are the mainstay of many cleaning operations because they are tough and dependable.  Viking Industrial Systems offers portable pressure washers and stationary pressure washer units for many different applicatinos.  Find out more about Hydro Tek cold water pressure washers.

Hydro Tek Mobile Pressure Washers

If you need a portable pressure washing system, the Hydro Tek Mobile Pressure Washer is what you need.  Viking Industrial can build you a custom trailer and skid mounted mobile wash system or you can buy a factory built system by Hydro Tek.  There are many configurations available, so we are sure we can help you find the perfect fit for your needs. If you don't need a trailer, you can look at our Tank Skids and water tank on a skid that can be loaded into most pickup trucks.

Karcher Pressure Washers

The founder of Karcher was Alfred Karcher and he invented hot pressuring washing in 1950.  His machines are so trusted that in 2005, Karcher pressure washers were used to clean Mount Rushmore.  They are the largest manufacturer of pressure washers, so you can be confident they have the experience and knowledge to create a great cold water pressure washer.  Viking Industrial offers several Karcher series pressure washers to choose from.  The Shark Series is industrial duty and electric powered wit a cabinet design.  The Liberty series is commercial duty and electric powered good for indoor and outdoor power cleaning.  And those are just a couple.  Click to read about all the different varieties of Karcher cold water pressure washers we offer.

Whitco Cold Water Pressure Washers

Whitco power washers are cold water pressure washers designed for heavy duty industrial usage.  These power washers are designed for blasting away dirt and mud and are a great fit for hog farmers, factories, construction companies, and paint contractors.  They are available in electric or gas engines and have ball bearing pneumatic wheels for portability.  Find out more about Whitco cold water power washers.

Graffiti Remover Solutions

Viking Industrial offers the Taginator and Tagaway to help you remove even the toughest graffiti problems.  Graffiti removal can be difficult and costly without the right solution.  Viking Industrial recommends these products for your hard to remove graffiti.   Clik to see an example of how well our graffiti remover works.

KO Chemical Cleaners

KO Manufacturing has been producing top quality chemical cleaners since 1976.  Their chemists work hard to provide chemicals that perform even in tough to clean jobs.  KO Chemical cleaners will get the job done!